New Client
Branding Questionnaire

    Your name

    Your e-mail

    Your business name

    The Business

    1. Describe your business in a few sentences.

    2. Share your company's mission and vision statements.

    3. List your main competitors and their unique selling points.

    4. Highlight the key differences between your brand and competitors.

    5. Detail the primary products/services you offer.

    6. What specific qualities or experiences make your brand unique?

    Brand History (If applicable)

    1. Summarize any previous branding or rebranding initiatives and outcomes.

    2. List existing brand assets you have and indicate if any should be retained or referenced.


    1. Define your target market or demographic.

    2. Paint a picture of your ideal customer.

    3. Identify the top challenges your brand aims to resolve for customers.

    4. How do most customers discover your brand?

    5. Describe the current perception of your brand based on customer feedback.

    6. Provide five words or phrases that encapsulate your ideal customer's traits or needs.


    1. Explain the story or reasoning behind your brand name.

    2. Are there brands or design elements you find inspiring?

    3. If rebranding, what aspects of the current identity aren't resonating?

    4. Choose five words that should represent your brand's essence.

    5. Outline the emotions or values central to your brand experience.

    6. Provide any existing color or design guidelines that must be considered.

    7. Articulate the overarching message or feeling you want your brand to convey.


    1. What is your total budget allocated for this branding project?

    2. What are your key expectations or outcomes you wish to achieve with this investment?

    3. How does this project fit into your long-term branding strategy and budgeting

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