Jiwa Cones

At Bali Branding, we had the incredible opportunity to partner with Jiwa, a renowned pre-rolled cones supplier with a profound meaning behind its name. Inspired by the Sanskrit verb-root jīv, meaning 'to breathe or to live,' Jiwa represents the immortal essence, the soul that nourishes and endures beyond physical existence.

Born in Bali in 2021, Jiwa was created by a team of creative minds with extensive experience in the industry. Our collaboration aimed to build a brand that exemplifies excellence and integrity, appealing to employees, dispensary owners, licensed producers, and smokers alike. Through our branding expertise, we ensured that every aspect of Jiwa's supply chain adhered to internationally recognized sustainability and fair trade standards.

Through our partnership with Jiwa, Bali Branding successfully positioned the brand as a leading pre-rolled cones supplier with a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethics. Our strategic branding approach elevated Jiwa's identity, attracting a wide range of stakeholders and establishing trust within the cannabis industry.

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