Bali Branding partnered with Panoramika to weave a narrative where the elegance of design meets nature's serendipity. The name 'Panoramika', derived from the panoramic vastness of horizons, stands as an emblem of a landscape where tranquility and adventure converge.

Our task was to capture the brand's foundational pillars: innovation, serenity, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering dedication to sustainability. The evolved identity melds refined elegance with authenticity. The logo, designed as a constellation of stars shaping the letter 'P', symbolizes Panoramika's profound connection to nature and the promise of unparalleled experiences.

Furthermore, sub-brands within the Panoramika umbrella were graced with unique identities, echoing the distinct nuances of their respective locations. A typographic system, reminiscent of high-end art magazines, underpins the brand. The modern and streamlined Century Gothic serves as the primary typeface, while the classic Adobe Caslon Pro adds layers of sophistication as a secondary selection.

The visual essence, baptized "Celestial Conquest", merges the ethereal beauty of constellations with the audacity of geometric design. Infused with elements of Japanese minimalism and avant-garde aesthetics, the identity showcases a harmonious fusion of vitality, balance, and mutual existence. With this collaboration, Bali Branding and Panoramika have set a new benchmark in immersive hospitality branding, crafting tales that not only resonate but linger in memory.

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