Shotgun Social

At Bali Branding, we partnered with Shotgun Social, an esteemed addition to the Soul Cafes Group, to create a captivating brand identity. Our goal was to position Shotgun Social as Bali's premier dining destination, offering an immersive experience in their expansive 1400 square meters venue.

With a stunning communal grass area and an enchanting children's playground, Shotgun Social provides a welcoming atmosphere for up to 1000 standing guests. Our collaboration resulted in a distinctive logo featuring a coat of arms shield, represents their status as an institution. And beer taps, symbolizing their commitment to hand-picked unparalleled selection of craft beers.

Through our branding expertise, Shotgun Social emerged as a staple in the hospitality industry, known for their impeccable selection of drinks and curated food menu. Bali Branding's strategic approach successfully positioned Shotgun Social as a sought-after destination, captivating guests and driving their business growth.

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